Roy J. Rodney, Jr. & Veronica J. Lam Contribute Article to ABA Nonprofit Organizations Committee Newsletter

October 3, 2013 - 1 minute read

Roy-ID Photo (2)Veronica LamsRodney & Etter, LLC announces that Roy J. Rodney, Jr. and Veronica J. Lam have contributed to the recent issue of the ABA Nonprofit Organizations Committee Newsletter.  The article, entitled “Not All Charities Created Equal,” addresses how some non-profit organizations may raise a lot of money through charitable donations, but the “needy” may see very little of the funds raised.

Rodney & Etter, LLC is dedicated to strengthening nonprofits through sound business principles.  Roy J. Rodney, Jr. serves as Chair of the National Bar Association’s Ad Hoc Committee on Nonprofits and as an active member of the ABA Business Law Section Subcommittee on Nonprofits and the Texas Association of Non-profits.