Rodney & Etter Continues to Support Industry Efforts to Preserve Wetlands

July 23, 2012 - 2 minute read

Rodney & Etter, LLC (R&E) is pleased to announce that the firm is part of the effort by major industry to preserve Gulf Coast wetlands.  R&E Managing Director, Roy J. Rodney, Jr. attended a recent dinner in New Orleans with America’s Energy Coast Industry Council, a part of the America’s WETLAND Foundation’s (AWF) Blue Ribbon Resilient Community Forum.  Also in attendance were representatives from Fortune 500 oil and gas, utility and manufacturing firms, independent exploration and production, risk mitigation, and small manufacturing business, and representatives of environmental and waterways restoration organizations.  R&E is one of a select few law firms invited to participate with AWF in its wetlands preservation efforts.

The Industry Council dinner came at the conclusion of a leadership summit where AWF announced a national effort to position the Mississippi River as a single, interconnected ecosystem in need of coordinated and comprehensive management.   Click here for more information on AWF’s initiative for a sustainable Mississippi River system.

R&E has extensive experience in environmental and complex litigation, including cases involving toxic substances, coastal erosion, and the environmental impacts of oil and gas production.  Immediately following Hurricane Katrina, R&E successfully represented railroad and oil production companies in coastal erosion and flooding cases. Over the years, R&E has also represented a variety of cities, port authorities and other public agencies, and private industry clients in dealing with environmental claims.

AWF was founded in 2002 in response to a comprehensive coastal study that alerted the nation to the devastating loss of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands and how that loss impacts the rest of the nation.  These findings were confirmed in a recent University of Florida study that found that oil spills have a deleterious effect on the coastline, increasing the rate of coastal disappearance in those areas where plant life is damaged.  Through AWF, public and private entities have cooperated in attempts to preserve and increase wetlands in Louisiana and all along the Gulf Coast, and to mitigate the negative effects of needed energy production.

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