Denzel Washington as "The Hurricane"The story of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, a boxer wrongly imprisoned for murder, and the people who aided in his fight to prove his innocence. I love this movie because it presents as a complicated quilt of injustice, sport, lawyering, resiliency and redemption; all subjects important to my life as a lawyer, father and citizen. It’s a timeless story with a masterful performance by my favorite actor #DenzelWashington. In the end Ruben “Hurricane” Carter, a man who made his reputation with his fists, is saved by the written word and oral advocacy of dedicated lawyers speaking truth to power about injustice. After two decades imprisoned, he reemerges as a man of thought, not because of his confinement but because of his commitment to freedom.

That the movie is told from the perspective of a young African American boy who matures during Reuben’s fight for freedom, adds another dimension. The situation and dedication of Reuben’s “team” creates another thoughtful powerful man. Ironically, one man’s bout with injustice results in two new men dedicated to justice. Although the movie was released in 1999, it remains relevant in this age of mass incarceration.
– Roy Rodney

Football-HelmetHow to Enter the “R&E Across da’ Sabine Bowl” Giveaway!
Nov. 29th at NRG Stadium
. The winning office will host the Sabine River Trophy until the next city-to-city match up!

With offices in New Orleans and Houston, the #Saints vs #Texans game is a big deal at R&E! We are also huge lawyer movie fans and need to add recommendations to our 2016 line-up. That’s why we’re throwing a party giving away two game & two tailgate party tickets to the first annual “R&E Across da’ Sabine Bowl”! Nov 29th at NRG Stadium.  

Okay great – you’re football and lawyer movies fans, but how do I enter? In order to participate in our ticket giveaway visit our website and comment on our “Lawyer Movies We Love” Blog. Recommend to us a #lawyermovie, #courtroomdrama or #courtroomcomedy movie you love (one we haven’t picked already) and with 50 words or less tell us why we should love it too!

Five simple steps…

1. Go to our website.
2. Leave a comment on our “Lawyer Movies We Love” Blog recommending a lawyer movie (50 words or less).
3. Add #RandEGiveaway somewhere in your comment and use it on your social media channels for extra chances to win!
4. Be sure to get your 50 word recommendation in BEFORE midnight Friday, November the 13th
5. Look in your inbox. We’ll announce the winner on all our social channels Monday, November 16th

Here is the list of our past picks: 1. Anatomy of  Murder, 2. Legally Blonde, 3. To Kill A Mocking Bird, 4. A Time To Kill, 5. Liar Liar, 6. Primal Fear, 7. My Cousin Vinnie, 8. The Conspirator, 9. The Hurricane, 10. Devil’s Advocate, 11. A Civil Action, 12. I am Sam, 13. The Paper Chase, 14. Philadelphia, 15. The Judge, 16. The Social Network, 17. True Grit

Legal stuff we have to put in: No purchase, payment, consultation or other information of any kind now or in the future is required to win. Airfare and lodging is not included. Attendance at any event or location is not required to win and the winner is not required to attend the game or pregame tailgate. No contractual obligation or consideration of any kind is required to win. By participating you grant R & E permission to use your name, likeness and comment for publicity purposes without payment except where prohibited by law.

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